" content="Ernesto Montano a Contemporary Mexican Artist Living in Los Angeles CA and Owner of Emontano Studio, The Studio is Dedicated to the Visual Arts Exploring Themes of the Divine, the Science, the Philosophical and the Allegoric.">


Ernesto Montano, also know as Ernesto Montaño, is a painter and fine artist from Mexico City Mexico. He has been living and working as an artist in Los Angeles since 1988. He was schooled in Mexican Art at the I.N.B.A in Mexico. Ernesto Montano is best known for his work under the concept "The Divine Pollution". His works include oil on canvas and oil on paper, public art projects and other concepts. The Divine Pollution explores the relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds. Many of Ernesto's works fall under the concept of the Divine Pollution. Ernesto Montano's artistic concept of The Divine Pollution continues to evolve gain momentum even today.
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